California Learner’s Permit Requirements

~obtaining a learner’s permit in California is simple. Please find detailed information below on “How To” obtain your child’s first permit. We want you to be informed with the process, and want to provide with as much information as possible, If there are any additional questions please contact our office and a team member will be glad to assist you!

  1. Age requirement:  Be at least 15 ½ but under 18 years old
  2. Complete a Driver Education Course (30 Hours) with:
    • California approved secondary school (High School)
    • California DMV approved Driving School
    • California DMV approved online Drivers Ed

~After completion of Driver Education: A “certificate of Completion” (DL 400B and or DL 400C) will be issued by the approved course provider. ~

  1. Make an Appointment with your local DMV office. (We are glad to offer our students with an appointment after course completion)
    1. Bring Driver Education Certificates with you (originals ONLY)
    2. Driver License or Identification Application. (DL 44, Can be picked up at local DMV office, We issue this at our School when student completes the course) * Form contains a unique barcode which must be scanned or keyed by the DMV employee, therefore only originals will be accepted*
    3. Proof of Social Security Number (Number should fulfill requirement or please bring original card)
    4. Original Birth Certificate, to provide legal presence (Original only)
    5. Application Fee of $33 Dollars. (Subject to change, prior notice will be given)


  2. During your DMV visit you will:
    1. Pass a Vision Exam. (If you wear corrective lenses, please bring them with you)
    2. Pass the written examination. (test will be on a computer, and multiple choice)
    3. Have your picture taken. (smile J)
    4. Provide a thumb print. (for identity purposes)
    5. Pay the application Fee. (DMV accepts most major debit/credit cards, Cash, and check)


Important things you should know:

  • it is imperative that you bring all the above mention documents to your appointment
  • If you are 17 ½ years old, you do not need drivers Ed to obtain a learner’s permit, however you will need to wait till you are 18 years old to obtain your California Driver’s License.
  • Anyone is welcome to take the course, no age limit.


**Once you obtain your learners permit, you will need Drivers Training to continue with the driver’s license process.


Please refer to Driver’s Training Requirements