Once you have your provisional permit, it’s time to get busy. Your permit says that you understand the principles of being a responsible driver, but you still need some behind the wheel practice.

How much practice? Good question!

You will be required to complete 6 hours of driver training with a professional driving instructor, as soon as you get your permit. You will not be able to drive with anyone before this is done! (Make sure you choose a Licensed school, a signature and their Instructors license needs to be filled out on your first day.)

Remember you can always purchase more behind the wheel lessons if you feel the need to!

Please call our office staff. We will be glad to give you a discount!

Upon Completion of your professional behind the wheel lessons; a DMV approved certificate will be given. Put it in a safe place! You will need to provide the certificate to the DMV, once you have your behind the wheel driving test!

In addition: you must log 50 hours of driver training with a licensed driver over 25 years old. 10 hours of the 50 hours must also be at night.